Cashmere stole with fringes and sequins






Elegant stole characterized by a cascade of maxi sequins and soft fringes, both strictly applied by hand.

Warm and elegant accessory to face the coldest days in style.

Dimensions: 40 x 205 cm fringes included

Composition: 70%extrafine merino wool 20%silk 10%cashmere




Washing Instructions

To obtain good results and to keep the garment in cashmere correctly, we recommend to use the following warnings:

  • wash the garment by hand, in cold water (max 30 °), alone and without rubbing, using a neutral soap. Alternatively, wool washing in the washing machine, maximum temperature always 30 °, and only one piece at a time.
  • always rinse in plenty of cold water without twisting
  • remove the water from the garment by pressing or dabbing it, or use the centrifuge for delicate garments with a low loop.
  • dry flat, preferably by laying the garment on a dry white towel, away from heat sources and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.
  • iron with medium-low heat, interposing a damp cloth.

Cashmere or cashmere blend knitwear garments can be also dry cleaned. It should be noted that the products used for this type of washing, while guaranteeing the result, can alter the fiber balance. Looking at the surface of a pure new cashmere sweater, you notice a light and impalpable hair. It is a superficial surplus of fibers and, if moderate as it should be in a garment of excellent quality, it is one of the best characteristics.It is true that after a short period of use, after rubbing, the very thin excess fibers come together to form unsightly balls. This phenomenon is called “pilling”, and it is absolutely natural on a cashmere garment.It will be enough to remove the little hair balls before each wash with a lint remover. There is no need to worry about the loss of some fibers: there is such an abundance that the garment will not suffer and indeed after a few washes the external fibers will disperse and the phenomenon will be reduced until it disappears.

Care and maintenance

For a good maintenance over the time of the cashmere knitwear garment we recommend a “moderate” use, leaving the natural precious fibers to rest after a “work” day, giving the knitwear the way to renew its original shape.

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