A simple and colorful line, which gives priority to the refinement of Italian craftsmanship. A timeless and ageless collection for a summer with a daily and precious look.

The Arte dei Mercatanti women’s clothing line is born from a fine yarn like cashmere. capes, cardigans, stoles and hats…

These are just some of the items in our handmade collection, made to last a long time without losing an ounce of its beauty.

ADM pure cashmere items are conceived to embrace your body in a warm and comfortable hug. The clean and essential lines of our cashmere sweaters make these products rare and timeless objects, by 100% italian quality

An accessory can enhance any outfit, giving it a touch of refinement.

ADM accessory collection with fur hats, cashmere wraps and shawls, is purpose built for those who don’t tolerate winter cold but don’t want to ever miss their charm.



Our garments come from an accurate longtime selection of best quality cashmere Made in Italy fibers, handled with antique original techniques to give to the item top softness and durability. An ADM cashmere sweater can last a lifetime and it is the best sustainability choice you can make.