On completing the payment the order will be taken in charge by the system. Once the order has been entered and confirmed, the item will be realised and delivered to the client’s address.
Our products have a varying delivery time of 6 to 9 weeks, depending on the availability of the raw materials and also depending on the events not directly under the control of the company. Any delays not known at the time the order is confirmed are always communicated.


How is the delivery made?


Fiordaliso delivers anywhere in the world within 9 weeks from the Order Confirmation by courier to the address given by the client at the moment of the purchase.
The shipping, including any customs taxes, is free on the order above € 200.00.


After sending the order the client will receive an email with the name of the courier that takes in charge of the delivery and the details to monitor the shipping online; it will be then possible to monitor the shipping from your personal page or from the courier’s site.


From the moment of the shipment the delivery will take place in:

  • 3/4 working days for deliveries inside the Italian territory;
  • 6/7 working days for shipments outside the Italian territory for countries within the European community;
  • 10/12 working days for shipments outside the European community

The working days are from Mondays to Fridays.


I haven’t received my order yet, what should I do?


If the order hasn’t been delivered within the expected date and you haven’t received any news or any updates on the order status, we suggest you to:

  •  verify the order status sending inquiry to the email address: servizioclienti@artedeimercatanti.com
  • verify that the address is correct;
  • if the status of the order is “sent” contact the courier in charge;
  • in case of missed delivery, contact the courier in charge;


For further assistance contact us, we will always be available for any need.