Woman’s Cashmere and leather SLIP ON


This model with simple lines and classic taste is perfect for everyday’s use. The elegant design is also essential at the same time and makes it a comfortable shoe to wear both at home, both at work and on countless occasions.

BOLOGNA construction that gives an extreme softness and comfort
Heel and leather sole col. brown
Lining col. smoke
Dyed to match Stitching – grossgrain edging and leather details col. brown.

Colore cashmere


Shoes care and maintenance

Some tips that will allow you to always have shoes in order and well preserved:

  • A pair of new shoes should never be worn more than two/three hours on the first day, three/four hours on the second day, four/five hours on the third day and so on until the foot is completely used to and then you are ready to wear them all day.
  • Always observe a lapse of time of at least twenty-four hours to allow the shoes to rest so do not wear the same shoes for two consecutive days.
  • – Always use the shoe horn to put on the shoes whatever your favorite shoe is, laced or mocassin, this will increase the length of the buttress: the leather insert in the heel between the lining and the upper.
  • Una volta sfilate le scarpe inserite subito il tendiscarpe per il vostro modello, i tendiscarpe vanno inserite anche se le calzature sono bagnate: in questo caso vanno appoggiate sul pavimento di lato.
  • Ogni volta che calzate un paio di scarpe vanno lucidate anche se in apparenza non hanno perso la loro lucentezza: ricordatevi che dopo ogni dozzina di lucidature va rimosso il lucido residuo completamente con un detergente specifico.
  • Nel caso in cui un paio di scarpe non venga indossato per molto tempo stendete sulla tomaia una crema neutra naturale e riponetele nella scatola senza lucidarle: questa operazione aiuta a mantenere il pellame morbido.
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