Leather Moccasin shoe


Refined leather moccasin with leather sole, is definitely one of the most popular models. Fine Goodyers construction. The upper is embellished with a geometrically cut mask. A combination of comfort and refinement for a refined look but without frills

Moccasin model in leather
GOODYEAR construction
Heel and leather sole col. Brown
Lining col. Smoke
Dyed to macth Stitching



Colore pelle

Nero Fondente
Nero Oliva
Reverse Sombrero

Shoes care and maintenance

Some tips that will allow you to always have shoes in order and well preserved:

  • A pair of new shoes should never be worn more than two/three hours on the first day, three/four hours on the second day, four/five hours on the third day and so on until the foot is completely used to and then you are ready to wear them all day.
  • Always observe a lapse of time of at least twenty-four hours to allow the shoes to rest so do not wear the same shoes for two consecutive days.
  • Always use the shoe horn to put on the shoes whatever your favorite shoe is, laced or mocassin, this will increase the length of the buttress: the leather insert in the heel between the lining and the upper.
  • Once the shoes have been taken off, immediately put on the shoe trees for your model, the shoe trees must be inserted even if the shoes are wet: in this case they should be placed on the floor on the side.
  • Every time you put on a pair of shoes, you need to polish them even if they don’t seem to have lost their luster: remember that after every dozen polishing operations the residual polish must be removed completely with a specific detergent.
  • If a pair of shoes is not worn for a long time, spread a natural neutral cream on the upper and place them in their box without polishing them: this helps to keep the leather soft.
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